Shur-Flo Liner Specifications

Why Shur-Flo lined tubing should be your only choice for water injection or disposal well applications

  • It is a liner barrier that is mechanically inserted inside the tubing joint
  • The liner will not flake, crack, chip or come off. Your tubing string will always be internally protected top to bottom
  • Liner is unaffected by turbulent flow
  • Shur-Flo liner has 10 times the erosion capabilities of bare steel
  • Liner is compatible with all stimulation fluids
  • Lined string can be used as work string
  • Tubing joints with liner inserted are virtually rig proof and will not be easily damaged while tripping
  • 100% holiday guaranteed

Shur-Flo 1

  • HDPE line
  • Maximum working temperature
  • 60C
  • Black in color

Shur-Flo 2

  • EXPE liner
  • CMaximum working temperature 160 C
  • Red in color

Shur-Flo liners are manufactured (Extruded) By an ISO 9002 company

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Shur-Flo Advantages

Questions and Answers

1. What ID restrictions are created by the addition of a poly liner to standard tubing sizes?

Tubing OD Drift with PE Liner
2 3/8 1.600
2 7/8" 2.000
3 1/2" 2.500


2. Can Shur-Flo Tubular Linings be used with Hydraulic Fracing?
Shur-Flo liners work with all types of fracing fluids, and will show virtually no sign of wear due to abrasion.

3. Do routine wireline operations damage thermoplastic liners?
No. Shur-Flo liners are very durable and resistant to wireline damage, however pull speed must be reduced.

4. Is paraffin wax build up reduced when using Shur-Flo liners?
Yes. Due to the reduced surface roughness of our poly liner, paraffin wax build up is generally minimized.

5. How does Shur-Flo protect the coupling from corrosion?
Any exposed coupling in the J-Area is protected by an internal thermosetting Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating. Rings, donuts, are generally never required in most conventional applications.

6. Can Shur-Flo poly liners be installed in used tubing?
Yes. The installation of our liner is based on a mechanical bond, therefore allowing our liners to be installed

7. How do you inspect poly liners before "re-running"?
Shur-Flo poly liners can be visually inspected and drifted prior to re run. Damaged liner may be pulled and new re installed.

8. Will well stimulation fluids damage Shur-Flo Poly liners?
Shur-Flo poly liner is chemically inert, and can be used with most types of well stimulation fluids, including acid.

9. Will Shur-Flo poly liner move inside the tubing?
Our unique installation process provides a mechanical bond down the entire length of the tubing. Our moulded end finish secures the liner in place on both ends of the tube, mitigating any movement and intrusion of corrosive fluids behind the liner.

10. Does heavy sand production cause any concerns with the use of poly liners?
No, we have never seen a sand related problem.

"Shur Flo tubular liners are not available for sale in the USA"