Moore Pipe Products/Service

Tubular Products - New & used tubing products, couplings, pup joints, swedges. reconditioned tubing, tubular lining, tubing Inspection service.

Tubular Products & Service

Moore Pipe offers new API certified tubular products. J.55 and L.80 new & used tubing products, couplings, pup joints and swedges. Moore Pipe offers a large inventory of tubular products, Inspection services, tubing repairs & a computerized inventory.

SHUR-FLO Tubular Lining

Shur-Flo Tubular Lining Corrosion, erosion, scale, rod wear, fatigue, pitting, embrittlement, all resulting from the very demanding environments down-hole tubulars are subject to in today's energy industry. Check out our lined tubing proven solution.

CC55 Composite Centralizer

The new CC55 is a lightweight composite that can withstand temperatures up to 400ºF and over 88,000lbs. of vertical pressure. The CC55 is made of a durable premium proprietary composite blend that will stand up to the harshest conditions.

Moore Pipe's Team Can Help

Moore Pipe sales team are specialists and highly knowledgeable about tubulars, and related products. A representative is available to answer your questions, provide you with comprehensive information about a product or service, or present you with a detailed quote.

MPI World Wide

Moore Pipe has two U.S location, one in Midland Texas and the other in Casper Wyoming. Moore Pipe is also located in Nisku, Alberta Canada and offers services and manufactured oilfield products for both domestic and international customers.